How to take care of your jewelry?

Jewelry is delicate and it must be taken care of properly so it lasts a lifetime.

1. No chemicals

Keep your jewelry away from beauty products such as perfumes, soaps, creams, oils, sprays, etc.

2. Keep dry and humidity free

Take off your jewelry before your daily routines such as - showers, exercise, washing dishes, beach/pool. If they get wet, dry with a towel and keep them out of humid spaces.

3. Organize and store it correctly

Lay your jewelry flat on fabric surfaces to avoid tangling and/or scratching. Use jewelry organizers to separate from other products.

Our Materials

We use top quality materials to create all of our designs. Everything is handmade with love and ethically sourced. Minimum waste is produced while making our designs.

Our designs are made with materials such as Gold-plated chains, freshwater pearls, 925 sterling silver, stainless steel, mother of pearl, among others.


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